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This is a rare (these days) "open post.

I have an addiction issue with Sugar Free Red Bull.  I've always laughed about it, grinned at people and generally approached it with the same humor folks give to coffee and such - but it really isn't funny at all.

Something that is ignored when you develop a dependency on an addictive substance is how much impact it has on your enjoyment of other similar things.  I love Tea, especially finer quality ones.  I haven't finished a good cup of tea in months, and I've been out of Monkey Picked now .. for a long time.

When I say I have a red bull addition, folks are thinking have one a day.  Its worse than that.  Its been ratcheting upward I'd say since sometime in Savannah - now, I'm thinking I'll be doing good if I can ween myself off to one a day.

And I'm trying. My wife is trying to limit my consumption - but please.  Hereon and Coke addicts manage to get their fixes past concerned persons and its illegal.  Its no problem at all for me to acquire a fix if I get the shakes - or the need.

And that is what has woke me up to things.  I haven't been sleeping very well, unless I drink a red bull late in the evening.  I have been irritable, have massive headaches and feel a general lack of energy since I've been cutting back - and it all goes away if I just drink one of those silver and blue cans. 

And it is specific to the can - the reaction to fast to just be caffeine and a physical thing, its a mental tie. 

And I've never been tolerant of actual addition. Prided myself on my ability to flirt with vices, but never go "too far".

So, I'm going to have to kick the habit.  And, I'm going to try to chart my progress.  I have gone searching for any others who have joined this journey - but while I find many of those that glory in their additions, haven't really found much for those who want to kick the monkey.

And ... lets just say, the "pro addict" sights talk about their 1 a day need.  I've been averaging 4 to 6.  And yes, its friggin expensive.  I'm feeling .. accompished that I've been cutting down to two.

So - anyone want to send me the "I told you so" that I have heard from many of you over the years, feel free.  Or whatever else strikes your fancy.

It really sucks that I love the taste ... always have, even before I went "sugar free".
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