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Anyone Type A personalities out there also "Procrastinators"? Any books/methods you've used to successfully assist yourselves in "resetting" your behaviors to the ones that you KNOW are better for you? I'd be very interested in it.

Being a perpetual procrastinator does nothing to assist in attempting to get over things like ... procrastination. It isn't helped by the fact that I AM overstressed, overworked - and do not do enough activities / hobbies that are things I enjoy doing. But that is because I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of Stress/work - De-stress - back to work.

Its not that work is just Work. I have found that I approach many things in my life in the same fashion - I ENJOY "over working my brain". Most of my Hobbies, pleasures in life etc. involve DEEP mind involvement, troubleshooting and concentration - to the point that I end up burned out and "vegging out" as in doing an almost complete shutdown and end up staring at Movies/TV/stupid internet sites - not that I'm SO into either of these things that I HAVE to do it, or even being up there as one of my "favorite" uses of my time vs. least stressful / I don't have to think/engage etc.

So I'm free to jump back into things and over do it again until I'm almost incapable of functioning.

Its easier for me to see these things when I CAN blame it on Work - easy to see the over extension when you're putting in 70+ hour weeks, phone calls at 2 am etc. But it isn't JUST when I'm working like that. And I HATE sleeping. But, I've lost productivity as I have aged with my late nights - so I'm just staying up "accomplishing nothing".

Well balls. There is yet another whining boring post.
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