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Not that it really matters, nor is it a dig at 'any one person' because in the last few weeks it seems almost like an epidemic - but then, doesn't everything in any social media? The whole Gestalt mind and all that.

There seems a big movement afoot to "retake back Live Journal". Now, this in and of itself is not something bad at all, I am fully behind the revitalization of Live Journal over things like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (though I still don't think of Twitter as being anything like the same Media) as a means of actually having discussions.

What is getting to me is that it seems that the way a large number of folks are 'taking things back' is by trimming friends lists, going 'all friends only' etc. This makes no sense to me because one of the things that MADE Live Journal great over the years was the ability to get to know someone (or just lurk) through public posts etc.

Live Journal has come a long way with giving us tools to control and 'hide' the things that one doesn't want public. And some would say I'm a hypocrite - I have had a 'friend locked' Journal for years, my original one. This is mostly because I was too lazy to go back and flag older messages the right way, and back in the day I definitely posted things I wouldn't want to just show up in any Google search.

But - I intend to fix that. I had actually 'revived' that account (and will probably cross post this) recently. I've been feeling my own lack of participation has been contributing directly to the decline of LJ. If only a few post or discuss (and now there are so many tools to control the trolls - I really need to get past my ... distaste of the unpleasant folks) what excuse is there really?

Well... another mind burp, brain fart rambling post from Ferret. Or Bob. Guess it depends on who you are.
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