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bobthebadger ([personal profile] bobthebadger) wrote2008-08-30 01:15 pm

Update from the Desert

I am finding I love the Dry Heat. The Sunshine - makes me feel alive sometimes. I actually just find myself outside walking along, looking at lizards, birds and other things - and feeling things just ... alive.

I'm starting to be much better at managing stress - because there will always be some, and I have let myself get far to sucked into the stupidities of life.

Working on getting out - I can feel the oppressive looming of the whole "agoraphobia" crap and I refuse to be a prisoner of anxiety and bull shit I don't have the time for.

Pretty lame update - but I've been getting nudges and such that I don't post at all.

Just got back from a few days at Microsoft Training Camp. It was interesting. I wish it hadn't been such a geek trip and I'd hd money and time to go explore LA. I was in a really LAME part of Santa Ana. Kind of like, a commerical district with just hotels and nothing within walking distance.

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