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Furry. Furries, Fur, Yerfs, Fursonia, whatever.

I spent sometime in the last few days looking into something I've been getting lambasted for years about that I really didn't know more than a "surface understanding about"

Use "handles" like the ones I have for years, and you get slapped with the title "Furry". Have an interest in Shape shifter fiction, cats, Anime, Anamorphic Art - and you get "strange looks".

Strange as it may sound, I never really knew all THAT much about the whole "lifestyle/community/whatever" because like many of the things "I'm into", I'm not INTO them, but enjoy what I enjoy. Dang, its worse than the BDSM communities!

First, there is a lot of strong feelings out there on both sides of the fence. A lot of people think anyone who likes any form of "Animal/Human/Furry/whatever" fiction, artwork etc. are degenerate freaks - and by most of societies standards, some of them out there ARE. Likewise, there are folks in the furry/anthros communities that feel that "anything we want to do (not always in the privacy of their home) is OUR business and you have no write to judge". And that is a moronic of a stand as the other extreme.

Society judges. Get over it. Learn to deal with it and fight the good fight. At the same time - if you're going to put on a costume made out of died carpet samples and try to get someone to hump your leg while you run around a hotel lobby - expect that SOMEONE is going to take offense. It is a no brainer.

BUT - just because someone things something looks good, or enjoys fiction/pictures/fantasies or dressing up with a consenting partner to "Yif" (is that right?) - what business is it of anyone else’s as long as they're not molesting you or your children?

So, I guess after all my reading, looking at some good, some bad, and some HORRID art, deciding that there was a point in my life I would have played a "furry mud" (Heck, I think I had accounts, I can't remember) but I don't see myself dressing up as a blue cat anytime soon - am I a furry?

I have no idea. But I like to bite. And I think were cats are sexy as hell. So pass the catnip, and leave yet another adult alone to do as they please.


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