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2007-06-14 09:29 am
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Update - The walking Dead

It was a long night.

The constant noise of music - I can't identify half the stuff they are listening to anymore. A lot of it seemed to have a pounding beat, maybe something to keep them all pounding in time with one another.

They seemed more active in the darkness, though lacking something in the brain. More than teens usually do that is.

I was able to block the doors. Some of the windows I managed to at least reinforce. They haven't figured out they can step up on things yet - instead just flinging themselves against the walls. Especially when they hear noise - or see light.

Max - is being ignored. Apparently they are only interested in humans.

I tried to warn others - but I don't think anyone is believing me. I'm regretting I didn't keep up the survival gear and food stuffs of my youth. Something tells me there won't be any food deliveries when I run out of supplies - and if I lose power, I have trouble I suspect.

When the sun came up - some of them wandered off. There are only two of them out there now. I've thought about making a run for it - the Bronco can drive over them if I have to. I have a few knives, but I'd prefer the Ax - its in the shed though.

Well, theres an update. Greg is home - says Jill and him had been caught away from the house but made it home. He agrees that activity has fallen off a bit with the sunlight. I'm going to make a run for it. Taking the laptop, the Bronco and all the non-perishable food. Greg's place is more secure and he has weapons. It's only a few miles - I'm pretty confident of making it. We'll make plans on getting out of town after that.

Wish me luck - I'm going to try to distract them now and make a break for it.

Found a few more things on the web about whats happening.
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2007-06-14 02:06 am
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They're not that slow.

I'd seen a few notes on the net for the last 24 hours or so.  Didn't think much of it - some sort of mass effort or something I'm sure.

I've been busy all day - cleaning up things, going through boxes and papers trying to put some sort of wrap around an ending to part of my life. Phone hadn't rang that much - a little odd all things considered but I haven't left the house - just to busy.

Everyone is off and I'm alone in the house for the first ime in a very long time.  So, call me a sissy - I have the doors locked.  Glad I did not - started to hear the occasional sound from oustide. Like something hitting the door.  Figured the cat was being a putz again - until I looked over and saw Max sitting on the couch and just staring at the door.

Maybe my childish paranoia - it might have saved my life.  i can't get through on the phone to most folks - I know its late, but I'm nervous.

See - the teenagers outside.  I don't think they're alive anymore.  Guess it could be a joke - but the blood looked real enough.  The noises they're making reminds me of the movies.  And I think they just attacked one of the boys friends - he was on a bike.  Three of them .. just jumpted him. Knocking him down and it looked like they were biting him.

The news - there is that annoying sound with the test messsae - but it didn't say test.  Says to stay inside due to "police activity".  Blaming things on a riot.  In Alaska?

I've been looking around the web.  A lot of folks are reporting this, all over the country.

I'm wishing I had a shotgun.  I hope you're all okay.  Someone let me know if they hear anythign definite.  I'm going to go see if I have enough supplies to block the windows.

I hear them outside again. Scratching. Pounding.  I think there are more of them now.