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I know its nothing new. I've been seeing others complain about the "friends" security model all the years I've been here. It really is a nice warm fuzzy thought that everyone is everyones friends - but most of us are 'followers', or 'interested parties' or ... whatever.

Why can't we have something in-between open and friends? Why can't there be a support for acknowledging those that 'follow' someone because they find them interesting, their public posts intriguing etc. and would allow a two way 'linking' of following status, but not automatically get access to those things we only want to share with our friends?

That's the model I'd like to see. Yes, I can 'sort of' do that with Tags and groups, but the management of groups blows. There is no way I can go in and "re-flag" all those messages I've set to 'Sex' or 'Alaska' or 'Family' to something else if I decide to re-organize, or change my mind about who I want to see what part of my life.

Guess I'd be happy with Groups if there was better management tools. And no - I'm not enough of a programmer to make my own.

Okay ..rant off.


Jun. 3rd, 2006 01:42 pm
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One of the questions early on in most folks meetings is often "What is your favorite type of music?"

Why? Why does there have to be "a favorite".

I'm looking through my collection - online, MP3's, CD's. Whatever, and just don't see a theme at all.

Sure, there are more of one then another - usually because of the availability of funds during different "phases" or interest points in life. Not because I like "that one" better than the other.

And playlists - how? I can never keep a playlist on a Genre theme anymore.

Music is a mood thing for me, and sometimes, my mood is unreadable by folks around me.

I mean, what does this playlist say?

Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry
Mea Culpa - Enigma
Bulletproof - GooGoo Dolls
Agnes - Donnie Iris
ANTIFONA Dominus ...
Antifonoa Tamquam Sponsus... (Gregorian Chants)
Abigail - King Diamond
Lick it Up - Kiss
Heaven's On Fire - Kiss
Crazy Bitch - BuckCherry
In the End - Linkin Park
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Does That Blue Moon .. - Toby Keith
Undercover Cowboy - Clint Black
Pyromania - Def Lepard

Its lacking anything from my classical, Euro, "House", or Jazz/Blues collections. I admit, I need to LEARN more about most of those - I find the occasional song that appeals to me - but it seems if you are not "into" and dedicated to some of the .. "Artsy" musics as "your favorite", you get treated like some sort of "newb" or unworthy.

So, lets talk about music, if your willing. What music do you like? What music do you listen to? Are there moods? IS there a favorite?


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