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Getting to Tucson from Phoenix took forever last night. Yes, it was after midnight when I set out, but I was feeling pretty ticked off when I hit the road construction at that hour.  I cursed, and swore - and tried not to rubberneck when I passed all the flashing lights off to the side.

I was a bit embarrassed I admit  at my reaction once I saw the collapse of the ramp.  It looks like there was a bad accident or something, but we were being waved past. 

I think there were several injured - I saw several folks who appeared dazed stumbling about.  One I saw just before driving past seemed to stumble right into the arms of the paramedics and I hear screams - they sounded terrible. 

All the closed I would have normally taken were closed - so I went up through northwest - dark, quiet.  I admit I was getting pretty tired.  There seemed to be a lot of emergency lights though.

This morning, things are strangely quiet.  Not as much traffic as I'd expected and it seems there are a lot of folks out.  Haven't heard of folks calling in though. 

I'm going to walk over to the cafeteria I think, see if I can get a bead on the gossip.


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