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I'd seen a few notes on the net for the last 24 hours or so.  Didn't think much of it - some sort of mass effort or something I'm sure.

I've been busy all day - cleaning up things, going through boxes and papers trying to put some sort of wrap around an ending to part of my life. Phone hadn't rang that much - a little odd all things considered but I haven't left the house - just to busy.

Everyone is off and I'm alone in the house for the first ime in a very long time.  So, call me a sissy - I have the doors locked.  Glad I did not - started to hear the occasional sound from oustide. Like something hitting the door.  Figured the cat was being a putz again - until I looked over and saw Max sitting on the couch and just staring at the door.

Maybe my childish paranoia - it might have saved my life.  i can't get through on the phone to most folks - I know its late, but I'm nervous.

See - the teenagers outside.  I don't think they're alive anymore.  Guess it could be a joke - but the blood looked real enough.  The noises they're making reminds me of the movies.  And I think they just attacked one of the boys friends - he was on a bike.  Three of them .. just jumpted him. Knocking him down and it looked like they were biting him.

The news - there is that annoying sound with the test messsae - but it didn't say test.  Says to stay inside due to "police activity".  Blaming things on a riot.  In Alaska?

I've been looking around the web.  A lot of folks are reporting this, all over the country.

I'm wishing I had a shotgun.  I hope you're all okay.  Someone let me know if they hear anythign definite.  I'm going to go see if I have enough supplies to block the windows.

I hear them outside again. Scratching. Pounding.  I think there are more of them now.
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